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Cutting bamboo

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Size: 35x25x1.5cm;  28x20x1.5cm;  20x15x1.5cm

Chops are indispensable items in the kitchen of each family. Choosing the right type of cutting board and good quality will help your kitchen and help you protect the health of the whole family.

TVC Mart provides high- quality bamboo cutting board products that ensure good durability and no humus after a long time of use, making your kitchen easier.

The TVC Mart's bamboo cutting board consists of 3 rectangles with sizes ranging from large, medium to small to suit your taste and needs. High- quality products meet export standards, safe for the health of users.

There are many kinds of cutting boards on the market, such as wooden chopping boards, glass chopping boards, plastic chopping boards ... But no one can deny traditional wooden chopping boards are the quality chopsticks and are most popular with the sisters.
However, you need to select the quality wood chopping sure to avoid cracking, damage, infection after a period of use, not only affect the pressure but also affect the health of the peak.

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