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TVC MART attends the Vietnam-Japan Business Cooperation Meeting in TOKYO

In 10/2018, TVC Mart together with more than 20 Vietnamese enterprises participated in the Seminar promoting the trade cooperation between Japan and Vietnam in Tokyo, and attended the Vietnam-Japan trade show in Osaka, Japan.


Trade talks, economic and trade cooperation between Vietnam and Japan was held on October 22, in collaboration with the Trade Promotion Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Japan-ASEAN Center.

Attending the workshop was the participation of more than 100 Japanese enterprises. The seminar will help link Vietnamese and Japanese businesses on a mutually beneficial basis, not only developing commercially but also boosting diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Japan is now the fourth largest trading partner and the largest investor in Vietnam, so it is necessary to promote and strengthen cooperation between the two countries. Attending the conference, Mr Yusuke Ujike – Chairman of ALLIED Group highly appreciated the handicraft industry in Vietnam. With the potential of natural resources, human resources and endless efforts, the arts and crafts sector in Vietnam will be growing more and more.

During the seminar and trade show, TVC Mart has had the opportunity to meet and work with many companies in your country, opening up the potential and opportunities to develop the export market of handicrafts. in Japan. TVC Mart’s items such as handmade bags, lacquer gifts, loincloths … received the attention and love of many exhibitors.

The program of the Vietnam-Japan Trade Fair and Exhibition took place on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations as one of the most important and meaningful trade promotion activities. , contributing to the strengthening of Vietnam-Japan economic relations.