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The significance of bamboo trees in Vietnamese people’s life

Bamboo is similar to rural life and a meaningful cultural symbol of Vietnam, sticking close to people’s life since the period of building and defending the country until now.

Introduction about Vietnam’s bamboo

Bamboos are evergreen perennial flowering plants, often growing in clusters (often called bamboo clusters).

Bamboos are straight, divided into portions. Inside bamboo are white, and hollow. The average height of bamboo is 5 meters.

Like the majority of plants, bamboo also has flowers. However, not everyone has the chance to contemplated flowers of bamboo because their blooming circle last 50 to 60 years, even hundreds of years. Bamboo flower has slight yellow color and subtle aroma

Meanings of Vietnam’s bamboo

Bamboo – associated with patriotism of Vietnam nation

In the history of building and defending the country, bamboo was used as weapons from spike, stick to arrow. In the meantime, bamboo clusters were considered as “camouflage wall” to prevent the chase of invaders. Bamboo is compared to “house” to shield people from the sun and rain during the war.

Bamboo sprouts – food during the war and in modern life

Bamboo sprouts is familiar food in each meal of Vietnamese family since the harsh war until current life.

While in the war, green bamboo sprouts was considered as “vegetable” to fight against hunger and improve menu for soldiers, now bamboo sprouts is the favorite ingredient to process many delicious dishes, suitable for tastes of Vietnamese.

Vietnam’s bamboo – associated with wet rice agriculture

From ancient times, Vietnamese already used bamboo as materials to make furniture serving wet rice farming and crop, such as hoe and shovel handle, bucket for bailing water, and baskets. Now, many modern materials turn up and exchange bamboo-made ones but it can not deny traditional values of bamboo closely associating with wet rice agriculture.

Bamboo – Materials for making exclusive handicrafts products

Bamboo is one of long-lasting familiar materials, applied to create unique handicrafts products, ranging from buckets, tray to pad for hot pots which were all primitive in the past. Now products made of bamboo are not diverse in models but also in quality and high sense of aesthetics.

From kitchen to decoration materials, from inferior to personal furniture, bamboo-made products are designed with creativity and uniqueness, receiving a great attention and affection of consumers. Beside their designs carrying both traditional and modern features create a new beauty and appealing to users.

Bamboo- the emblem of Vietnamese’s personality

It can be said that bamboo finely represents Vietnamese’s personality. As a result, there is a really famous Vietnamese poem named “Vietnam’s bamboo”.

Bamboo represents the diligence of Vietnamese people as well as their resilience, indomitability and full vitality. Besides, it also expresses their solidarity and mutual protection in time of distress.

Proud but courteous, strong but flexible bamboos not only contribute to serving our life but deserve being a traditional cultural symbol, expressing fine personalities and good characters of Vietnamese.